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The Herzog Group is recognized as a leading property development company in Australia, known for its premier industrial and corporate projects. The group has gained a reputation for maintaining high standards of corporate transparency and disclosure, which is valued in the industry.

The group’s property portfolio is geographically diversified across the eastern seaboard of Australia, with a major focus on Victoria and Queensland. The group has property assets and development projects spread across these regions, indicating a broad presence and involvement in multiple markets.

The Herzog Group’s property development division operates across a number of property sectors including commercial office buildings, industrial, retail and residential developments.
The Herzog Group emplys a team of highly skilled and motivated staff, whose focus is to add value to the business by delivering the Group’s projects on time and within budget.
The property development team have significant experience in completing commercial and industrial developments throughout Australia.
The Herzog Group team work closely with the best available external consultants to offer its customers, partners and tenants a wide range of valued-added services including architects, interior designers, town planners, project managers and contractors.

The Property Division consistently identifies opportunities throughout Australia in a wide range of sectors ranging from master planned communities to commercial and industrial offices and showrooms.
The goal in selecting a project for development is to identify its true potential, recognise its needs, and prepare and execute an economically feasible and cost effective program to achieve the best possible results.
We maximise these opportunities to create developments that offer added value to our customers and tenants and enhance the communities and environments surrounding them.
The Herzog Group aims to be a leading developer of quality industrial and commercial developments in our local region. Riding on strong economic growth and homeownership aspirations, favorable demographics and urbanisation trends, the Company aims to continue its expansion drive into new cities and segments.
The Company’s automotive arm – First Auto Wholesales – was one of the largest and most prestigious automotive trading companies in Australia .The name “First Auto Wholesalers” is no empty promise. First Auto Wholesalers was the first professional company in Australia to set up strictly as a national wholesaler to the automotive industry.

First Auto Wholesalers offered innovative and smart means of buying luxury vehicles to the wholesale market. They used state of the art technologies to make your buying experience painless, straightforward and rather enjoyable. It was located in Port Melbourne and huge inventory of imported and domestic automobiles, First Auto Wholesalers made the buying process very convenient and cost effective. First Auto Wholesalers guaranteed complete buying experience and quality satisfaction to all of its clients.

The sales team provided important used luxury vehicle and market information to customers for complete buying satisfaction.
The market was flooded with automotive dealers possessing no market intelligence or product awareness which frustrated customers and lead to an unpleasant buying experience. The highly talented and expert staff helped its customers to better understand their needs and lead them to a car that best fit their lifestyle. First Auto’s huge 66,000sq foot showroom was always full of vehicles that represent outstanding value for money and high selling potential.

With over 45 years of experience, First Auto Wholesalers had built its reputation on doing the right thing for its customers and doing it better than any of its competitors.

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The Company’s marine arm – Sunrunner Victoria – The Herzog family were the sole agent for Sunrunner Cruisers in Victoria.
Sunrunner Cruisers first burst onto the luxury sport cruiser market in 2001 launching its first model, the awarding-winning Sunrunner 3700 LE, the AMIF 2002 Australian Boat of the Year. Since then, Sunrunner has had continued success in the Australian luxury sport cruiser market and has established many successful lines of luxury motor boats from 28 to 48 foot cruisers.

The focus on customer needs and quality is seen in every aspect of all models in the Sunrunner range. Features often regarded as optional extras come as standard. Sunrunner had recognised, in order to distinguish themselves from the bigger, more established boat builders, it must offer something different. All Sunrunner fittings are of the highest quality, including solid surface bench tops, fridges with 20% larger than average capacity, double-stitch upholstery, cherry wood cabinetry and uses of 30mm stainless steel bow rails instead of the standard 25mm. All fiberglass work was either double skinned or lined, using composite laminates. If the success of this fledgling company to date is any indication, Sunrunner Cruisers very quickly became a household name in the luxury cruiser market.

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